Brennan's joins Bucaniers !!

The staff and family management at Brennan’s Brewery are delighted to have met the criteria to be included as participants in the innovative “Bucanier” project. This exciting initiative is driven by the European Union in order to develop and support pioneering new small business ventures in Ireland and Wales over the next three years.

This resource will be invaluable to harvest expert knowledge from experienced practitioners acting as mentors to advise us as we continue to develop our fledgling brewery. The “Bucanier” project is run in collaboration with Wexford County council and the Institute of Technology Carlow providing us with a range of local supports as we continue to perfect the production, marketing and brand awareness of our prototype draught and bottled dark beers (“Smoothpour” and “Original” respectively).

Our involvement also gives us access to invaluable networking events where like-minded entrepreneurs can share ideas and experiences guided by established professionals within the drinks industry providing vital manufacturing, marketing and distribution expertise. We are confident that, with the support of our colleagues and the range of insights they are willing to share with us, Brenann’s Brewery will benefit immensely as we journey towards the exciting launch of our unique new products.

We believe that our participation in the “Bucanier” project will contribute greatly to firmly establishing our international reputation as a producer of quality bespoke beers over the coming years as we meet the challenges ahead with a shared enthusiasm.

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Delicious. Smooth mouthfeel, deep earthy notes with a subtly roasted flavours on the finish. Lightly bitter on the finish. - Drinking a Brennan's Original / Smoothpour @BeerOClockShow

 It’s dark like the nights & as tasty as the best dark beers! Perfect for an early autumn Saturday night in the bar! @LiquorJunky

 To be honest, I would give it a healthy 8/10. A nice drink to pace yourself on a night out or a drink to have when you haven't had it in a while. Full Review Here

 A very pleasing beer. Tasted like more for us. A beaut indeed @Dwansofflicence

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